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Pronto is an eclectic collection of kitchen doors covering a wide variety of styles, colours and construction types. A mix of contemporary and traditional craftsmanship, from the sleek and glossy lines to the strength and dependability of the English Oak. 


Call it contemporary life or timeless classic. Let Bella be in your home. Something for every taste. Flexibility of colour and style, endless combinations. Let the craft inflect your choice. The only decision is the decision of a Bella kitchen.


See Zurfiz, full of style. Of clean lines and perfect symmetry. Who then wouldn't be inspired by the European design, the clean finish and the modern touch. See Zurfiz, full of class. the lines shape an intense rendezvous between design and your dream kitchen.


Where great value meets great design. No compromise! With Valore a door is not just a door at any price. integrity of quality, design and finish makes value truly valuable.


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